Research Scholars

Shivam Dhama

MSc: IIT Gandhinagar (2015)

Rajat Gupta

MSc: IIT Kanpur (2015)
Research Interest: Analytic Number Theory, Special Functions

Dharmendra Kumar

MSc: IIT Guwahati (2012)
Research interests: Elliptic PDE

Madhu Gupta

MSc: IIT Bombay (2015)
Research interests: PDE

Sakshi Gupta

MSc: Punjab University (2016)
Research interests: Algebra

Ayush Jaiswal

MSc: IIT Kanpur (2015)

Ranjana Mehta

MSc: Kumaun University (2008)
Research interests: Commutative Algebra

Rahul Kumar

MSc: IIT Kanpur (2015)
Research interests: Analytic Number Theory

Kamalesh Saha

MSc: Aliah University (2017)

Ekta Punia

Research interests: Probability and stochastic process

Pranjal Srivastava

Om Prakash

MSc: Maharshi Dayanand University
Research interests:  Algebra and number theory


MSc: Banaras Hindu University